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Author : Terry Song Date : 2013-7-12 16:14:12
WSW Drive Bearing Arrangements
WSW roller bearings are used in all drive systems of rail vehicles.
Suspension tube roller bearings are installed in electrical freight train locomotives to support the traction motor arranged transverse to the direction of travel. The motor is mounted directly on the wheel axle on two bearing elements, the so-called suspension points.
WSW roller bearings are also found in hollow cardan shaft drives for 3-phase locomotives and in support and guide rollers, wheels and auxiliary units. 
Bogie for electric drive car: cylindrical roller bearing (wheel set, motor), deep groove ball bearings (motors), spherical roller bearing (suspension tube bearing arrangement).
Bull gear bearing of a hollow cardan shaft drive for DB 3-phase locomotive, series 120.
Bearing unit, comprised of 2 tapered roller bearings joined by spacers.

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